The Story

Say 'hello' to my little fiend! Deadfellas: Monsters Vs the Mob follows Bugsy Maddox, crew leader of the Strong Island Boys of Suffolk County.

Things get bad when Bugsy finds out a local vampire, Baron Von Straker, has been interfering with the Strong Island Boys’ prostitution ring, which leads to a bloodthirsty war for control over the local mall.

Through treachery and the occasional homicide Bugsy ingratiates himself with the vampire Straker, but discovers that Straker has somewhat psychotic plans involving the ancient Indian burial ground below the local elementary school. Allied with his FBI-agent girlfriend and a group of special forces priests, Bugsy hatches a scheme to whack the vampire for good.

Unless Straker's mind-reading power discovers Bugsy’s betrayal.

Either they bury one of ours or we bury one of theirs. Again.


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