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Deadfellas is now available for purchase!

A third of the proceeds will go to the continued rebuilding of Puerto Rico, which to this day suffers from the devastation of Hurricane Maria.

Tune your ears into the All Day Coffee Podcast (available in iTunes). For the next few months I'll be releasing short comedy bits. Episode Three involves genetics, short shorts, and whether Elon is more Tony Stark than Tony Stark.

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The eBook's on sale here for $3. (Hint: it's a better deal than Amazon's price) For every $3 I collect in digital sales, I'm putting a dollar toward hurricane relief in Puerto Rico)


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You can also order by sending $3 using the Cash App

Make sure you include your email address in the Cash memo so I can send the book


A few of these from the original Kickstarter still remain. You can buy one for $9 shipped. ($3 goes to hurricane relief in Puerto Rico)